Personal Training

Personal Training

Julian Turner, CPT, Owner

Reach Your Potential Fitness Professionals

Welcome to the El Conquistador Golf & Tennis. I would like to introduce you to the concept of personal training. We have been servicing the Tucson community for over 15 years and have come to realize how much of an importance the training program is for you to fully enjoy your membership. Enhance your overall wellness and reduce your risk of injury, your activities and sports that you enjoy will be more challenging and rewarding for years to come. By taking a more proactive approach not only will you feel better you will guaranteed look better. It is amazing how diligent we are insuring our house, car, jewelry, etc, yet when it comes down to the only one that matters our health, we are often misinformed, procrastinate or just do not care.

One-on-One Training

Personal programs are designed to identify each member’s specific needs in order to improve their fitness level. These programs are administered under the guidance of a personal consultant. For those of you who would like a more personal and ongoing workout, we offer one-on-one training for an additional fee.

What makes our program different from the rest?

  • Caring About You - We take pride guiding you through the process.

  • Team Approach - You will have a support system of professional guidance. We will correspond with your doctor to address any health issues that can affect the outcome.

  • Custom Programs - A fully illustrated program will be customized to meet your short and long term fitness and nutritional goals taking into account any limitations.

  • Qualified Staff - Nationally accredited and or degreed certified trainers. Insured and CPR certified.

  • Philosophy - To enhance the lives of our clients through safe proven methods that achieve results. Providing the tools to empower for success, longevity, vitality and independent living

A personal training program will provide you with an opportunity to pursue a life of health and wellness. Careful monitoring of your progression during the program is provided. Please feel free to contact us at (520) 797-4199. You will find that personal training is an excellent addition to a achieving a stronger, healthier, happier life. Don’t miss your chance for the only insurance nature has to offer...STAYING FIT.

Specific Training Services

  • Stretching Program- Fully illustrated dynamic and static stretching programs. These programs aid in optimal performance and injury prevention minimizing muscle soreness and recovery time.

  • Active Adult- Designed to challenge the healthy adult through smart, safe and vigorous training.

  • Super Senior- This program is deigned to help improve daily function and injury prevention through exercise alternatives.

  • Athletic Performance- Increasing the athlete’s potential with functional strength, dynamic and explosive movement patterns. Teaching proper warm ups, prehab and recovery applications. Keeping the athlete injury free and working at optimal performance.

  • Athletic Development- A unique program geared towards building the young athlete’s potential. A comprehensive program that addresses strength, quickness, agility, balance, flexibility, power and speed.

  • Nutritional Coaching- Information and tips to help the client with weight loss strategies and optimal athletic performance.

  • Core Conditioning- Designed to improve postural static and dynamic stability. Flexibility, balance and functional bracing and postural techniques are emphasized.

  • Pilates- A non impact system that integrates postural alignment, injury prevention, simultaneous muscular stretching and deep breathing techniques.

  • Post Rehab- A program which emphasizes the development and implementation of safe and effective training for clients with post rehabilitation conditions. This program is supervised through the clients’ primary physician.