WGC Supports Youth on Their Own

WGC Supports Youth on Their Own

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On December 10th, the ladies golf group from El Conquistador’s Golf and Tennis hosted their annual Holiday Party. This event would not be worthy of reporting, except their annual event always includes a charity component. With the holidays quickly approaching these ladies recognize that while many people are buying gifts for loved ones, planning trips to visit family, and making time for close friends, there are those who are not. Therefore, they chose to assist teens who are struggling to survive and get through high school.

YOTO or Youth on Their Own is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation that supports “students who are being forced to live on their own without a parent or guardian.” These students face overwhelming odds at completing high school and becoming self-sufficient. YOTO is committed to providing the type of support that these kids need. Albeit not parental, it is still sending the message that their community cares. The Womens Golf Club (WGC) could think of no more worthy a charity than one that assists teens who have been abandoned on the most basic of levels – food, shelter, and love.

Through their generous efforts, the WGC membership was able to raise approximately $1700 and give a variety of clothing, blankets and miscellaneous personal items. If you have a little something to give this year, please considering giving to YOTO at https://yoto.org.