Golf and Dehydration

Golf and Dehydration

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Posted on July 30, 2018

Whether it's 85 and humid from the summer monsoons or the average 106 degree dry-heat kind of day in Tucson, Arizona, it can seem almost impossible sometimes to stay hydrated. Numerous medical studies have proven that dehydration will negatively impact your golf game, physically and mentally. Staying hydrated will ensure optimal blood flow to the brain, enabling you to focus on the golf course. Since your body is composed of about 75% water, proper hydration can also prevent joint and lower back pain. Therefore, staying hydrated while golfing can be imperative for your game!

So here is the real question: how much water are we supposed to drink? There are numerous answers to this question, and it is really different for everybody. The optimal amount of water to drink is half your body weight (pounds) in ounces per day (i.e. a 200 pound person will need to drink 100 ounces of water per day). Remember that other fluids do not count toward this goal, including sports drinks, coffee, alcohol, etc.

At El Conquistador Golf & Tennis, we are here to help you stay hydrated and keep your golf game up! Our Head Golf Professional, Erick Womack, wanted to remind you that we have water stations at about every third hole of our course so you can keep your water bottle filled up, and we also stock your golf cart before you start your round with water bottles.

By keeping hydrated, you will improve your stamina, stay focused, manage your emotions on the course, and score lower during your round of golf. So stay hydrated and we will see you out on the course this summer!